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Carroll Company was founded in 1921 and we've been serving the needs of the sanitary supply trade ever since. Over the years Carroll has built a strong reputation based upon outstanding Quality, Value and Integrity. Today Carroll is building upon the past with unique services, products, and philosophies designed to make our selected distributors more competitive and profitable.

Carroll Company is a third generation company started by M. W. Carroll. The family atmosphere extends to the employees whom average tenure is over 11 years with 13 employees whom have worked at the company for 30 years or more. People have shared marriage, births and deaths with fellow employees whom they consider friends and sometimes family. The dedication they have for the company and each other is something that makes Carroll Company special.

Values, Vision, Uniqueness'

Our Vision

• To be the best supplier of private brand institutional cleaning and maintenance products to multi-unit distribution organizations, sales and marketing groups, and other selected targets.

Our Values
• The Carroll Company was founded on and remains dedicated to the fundamental business practices of Consistent Quality, Superior Service, and Unimpeachable Integrity.

Our Approach

• Carroll Company is the only manufacturer to dedicate and reshape its entire operations exclusively for a specific group of customers that can benefit from our value proposition (Value = Benefits - Price). This proactive approach to selecting compatible business partners facilitates a team approach that will assure a successful outcome for all parties. The Distributor Alliance Group is made up of those people and resources that will lead this Team Building effort.

• We are committed to tailoring and customizing our products, services, and resources to meet the diverse needs of our target customers and helping them achieve their specific business goals.

Our Differentiating Uniqueness'

Strategic Manufacturing Locations

Strategic Manufacturing Locations. Our ability to deliver identical product efficiently across North America will benefit our target customers by:
- Providing them with consistency in brand development, marketing and advertising, pricing, training, sales support, and national accounts.
- Minimizing the cost of inbound freight to their locations.

Industry's Broadest Product Line. Our ability to provide single sourcing of quality, innovative, and effective products in all packaging options (liquids, aerosols, powders, and bag-in-box hand soaps) will benefit our target customers through:
- Lower Cost of Goods Sold through volume discounts and freight consolidation.
- Lower Operating Costs through reduced accounts payable, reduced warehouse receiving, and simplified purchasing.
- Providing opportunities to sell in to all market segments.

Industry's Broadest Product Line
Business Technology Advantage

Business Technology Advantage. Supporting our target customers through investment in VMI, EDI, Bar Coding, ASSIST Training Software, Videoconferencing, and the Internet can provide benefit by:
- Reducing the cost of doing business by taking out inefficiencies in operations, sales, and purchasing.

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ISSA Certification Experts

Carroll Company has ISSA Certification Experts (I.C.E.) on hand to assist distributors and their customers in achieving Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) certification. CIMS certification demonstrates an organization's value for quality service that meets the needs of its customers.

E-mail us to find out more about this exciting program and how your organization can become CIMS certified. Click Here to e-mail us.

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